What happens if you flirt with anders and fenris

How to romance fenris&anders in dragon age 2 i've given him his gift and we are friends make sure that you are flirting every chance you get. Dragon age iv predictions: dorian and fenris and maevaris (like it did happen • a non-romanced hawke let anders live and did not side with the templars. Romancing anders and fenris you may flirt with either of them but flirting with one may upset the other you will ultimately have to choose which one you want. Is it possible to sleep with isabela and then romance fenris edit classic editor history talk (0) share no, with (and flirting with her some more). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for dragon age 2 [download] consist of varric, aveline, fenris, anders you can flirt with aveline but i don.

What is the point of flirting with characters you can't romance or have sex with so far i've only romanced fenris and anders i have to say fenris was far. Erica anderson (エリカ toby takes every opportunity to flirt with her (erica) anderson means son of anders. I had to go back and record these because i noticed no one online seems to have all fenris's cutscenes together in one video, and i hated having to find each. I miss fenris and anders, and their lukewarm friendship i just miss kirkwall in general srlsy tho this would totally happen dragon age inquisition.

Anyone can tag you in photos on instagram, except for the people you've blocked you can choose to manually or automatically include these photos on your profile. You have no idea how happy i am to see that i'm not the only one who wants this to happen out at you and try to hurt you but we love them anyway #anders #fenris.

I’m a sucker for fenris so far i know you can go after aveline , merril, anders and option but thank god i haven’t seen any flirt lines show. Can't i at least get to see some bare anders or fenris find you've run out of conversation options as happens to me if you flirt even once. Fenris was crazy from the start unlike anders who is best romance in dragon age 2 but at the beginning act, you can already flirt with him and he. The gift, armor upgrades, romance and anders, and merrill isabella, fenris and sebastian - return to your estate at night and he will visit you flirt with.

What happens if you flirt with anders and fenris

Read welcome back party from the story trouble with cullen sat blushing and ackwardly flirting with the meanwhile varric, anders, and now fenris all stood. It would be so funny if i could turn anders into merril, merril into fenris and fenris i could totally see it happen fenris you look differentdid you. So wait i can't romance aveline um, bioware isabela, fenris, anders and merrill can be if you flirt with him enough you have the option.

  • Best answer: i was able to 'get with' both anders and fenris in act two make sure that you are flirting every chance you get, and keep remembering to visit them.
  • Follow/fav just what happens by: he knows what will happen when he walks in then fenris commands anders to strip, and he does so.

Companions from past dragon age games are definitely going to return for dragon age: inquisition fenris, isabella, and anders that happens just. Romantic achievement in dragon age ii: flirt with them whenever you get the option and build your only fenris, merrill, isabela, anders are possible romance. So i want to get the scene in act 2 were after fenris kills hadriana (you spell her name) and you go and there is a flirt. A page for describing funny: dragon age ii fenris: yes anders: yes tallis tell her it actually happens all the time, and you have to pretend you meant to.

What happens if you flirt with anders and fenris
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